Green Mini Slow Interactive Dog Feeder

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  • Turns your dog’s meal into a challenging game
  • Can be used with dry and wet food
  • Great to use for over-weight dogs, fast eaters or those that suffer from digestive problems
  • Ideal for those on a restricted calorie diet
  • Dishwasher friendly

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Specially designed feeder, shaped like a tuft of grass, that turns your dog’s meal into a challenging game. The desired amount of dog food is scattered across GREEN, and it is up to your dog to push the food out between the many blades of grass.

The hunt stimulates their curiosity and spirit of adventure. Using their noses and paws, the dog’s most basic senses will be stimulated and when they find and eat the food, they are simply enjoying their prize.

Key Benefits

  • Prolongs eating time significantly and reduces the risk of gulping and bloat. The result is a happier and healthier dog.
  • Designed for all dogs regardless of weight and breed. It can contain both dry and wet food.
  • Made of hard plastic (without phthalates) and can therefore be used outside and cleaned in the dishwasher.

Made Specifically For: Making meal time interesting and slowing down small dogs who gulp there food down


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