Coachies Training Treat Bag


  • Essential for all reward-based training methods.
  • Secure drawstring closure, prevents spillage and helps keep content fresh.
  • Handy pouch designed to hold a clicker
  • Belt Clip & Ring Hook Attachments
  • The bag also features a wide opening to allow easy access to treats and is available in a choice of two colours, pink or black.

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Coachies Dog Treat Bag is perfect if you are training your dog and treats are involved. It is ideal for all reward-based training methods and can be attached easily to any trouser belt or pocket. The bag has a wide, easily accessible opening for you to get a treat just when you want, but also has a closable drawstring to keep treats fresh and safe from cunning doggy treat thiefs! It also features a special pouch for a clicker.

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Pink, Black


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