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What is a puppy training class?

A place where you puppy will learn the basics of sit, down, lie down, loose lead walking and so much more. Training and behavioural advice will be given and any questions answered.

All our puppy and dog training classes are run using kind and effective techniques. We provide training on how to effectively deter your dog's bad behaviour without causing pain or fear, and how to positively reinforce the behaviours you do want to see. We also show you how to fade the use of treats to improve the training results. We help you to socialise your puppy safely and carefully whilst showing you what socialisation actually is. We help you to prepare your puppy for their life ahead including handling them for veterinary visits etc. Puppy socialisation in our classes is mainly done on lead so that timid puppies don't learn to become fearful and over boisterous puppies don't learn to become bullies! We teach them how to pay you attention (even in distraction) and how they should interact with other puppies to avoid problems later. We are known for running calm classes in which dogs and people find it easier to learn.

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