About Us

I've always loved animals. Dogs especially. I went to Bishop Burton College (which is validated by the university of Hull). I studied towards my Foundation Degree in Animal Management and Behaviour and then went on to get my BSc (Hons) Degree In Animal Training and Behaviour.

After this, I was lucky enough to get a job at Dogs Trust - and I loved it! - here I went on to work with a wide variety of dogs of different breeds and ages. I was at Dogs Trust for 3 years until I found a job closer to home, so I could be there more for Walter. I then decided to start my own business - I thought "if I don't do it now, I never will" - and so here I am. Doing what I love, day in, day out.

I try an go to all the seminars, conference and events that I can to enable me to keep up to up to date with the latest in the training world - and then I can pass it on to you!

I am a member of the BVNA - British Veterinary Nursing Associations

Although I am a member please note - I'm not a vet nurse, I have no clinical training.


I have a dog called Walter (from Dogs Trust of course - hard to work there and not bring one home!) He'd had a bad start in life and was in kennels for around 2 years before I brought him home. I was renting a flat at the time and they wound not allow pets - so I bought a house and brought him home so he can enjoy his retirement!


I also have a rabbit, called Misty - She spends her days sunbathing with Walter. I used her as one of my training projects at University - so she can run an obstacle course and then ring a bell - useless but funny to watch!


The fish! can't forget them - I have a tropical fish tank - all named and all loved just as much as Misty and Walter.

About Our Work

Did you know that anyone can become a dog trainer and/or behaviourist? They don't need any qualifications, to attend any courses or have any prior knowledge about the science behind positive behaviour modifications. That scares me! Mainly because they could be telling you anything, and you put your faith in the fact that they know what they are talking about. There are a lot of out dated methods that many people unfortunately still believe in and still teach the the general public.

As you may have already seen, I have a Foundation Degree in Animal Management and Behaviour and I then completed my BSc (hons) Degree in Animal Training and Behaviour. I worked for The Dogs Trust for 3 years after I graduated and so I have knowledge about a wide variety of breeds, characteristics and age groups.

When I was planning my business, I looked online at what people were already offered; all I seemed to see was high prices and only clients words to go on. I believe that everyone should be able to have behaviour and training help and support when they need it and not when they can afford it. I aim to be affordable for everyone.

Thank you Catherine for your friendly and professional approach in helping us resolve the issues we had with our dog Max since our we had our son. It's lovely to see them getting on well together :)

Louise Wilkinson