Puppy Partys

A place where your puppy (who won't be fully vaccinated yet) can be around other pups of a similar age but of different breeds and characteristics.

You will learn about basic body language, basic training and behaviour and any questions will be answered.


Dog Training

If you've not had your dog from a pups, maybe a rescue dog, and they don't quite get the hang of loose lead walking, 'drop it' or 'leave it' cues, then these training classes are for you.
We'll cover body language and a range of useful cues and commands that you can use in every day life.


Agility Training

These sessions will be a relaxed fun approach to agility. You and your dog will learn how to master the agility course. It gives your dog something to focus on and is a different form of exercise for them.
Suitable for anyone and everyone! It'll all be kept simple, everything fully explained and handouts given.


1-2-1 Sessions

Dealing with any problems or concerns that you have on a 1-2-1 basis.

This way I can provide an individual behavioural modification plan. We will work on it together and you can have as many or a little sessions as you feel necessary.








Training Classes starting at £10 per class!

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